Monday, June 4, 2012

Did someone say FREE?!?

Who's your favorite blogger?

I sure hope you said me, because Im about to show you how to earn some awesome stuff!

If you're my friend on facebook, youve heard me talk about it. If you "like" my AHWT Facebook Page Im sure youve seen me mention it, too. Im talking about Viggle.

Viggle is an app for your iPhone (and more recently Android) that lets you earn points for watching tv. Once you earn so many points you can cash them in for prizes and rewards. I started viggle in late February and have cashed in $240 in Amazon gift cards. They are constantly changing their reward inventory to find things to fit everyones preferences.

So- let me show you a step by step on how to make the most of this app. Have a seat, grab a cup o' joe, and get your learn on.

First off let me point you in the right direction to actually get the app. If you have an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad you can get it in the app store Here. If you have an Android phone, Viggle is currently testing their beta version on you. (yay you!) Go get it Here.

Let it finish downloading. Ill wait.....


Ok. Now that you have the app (You DO have it by now, right? I didnt wait for nothing!) Lets get started. Youll need to set up your account with email, a username and password.

Now you can start doing the fun stuff! I learn everything easiest when its in front of me with pictures and step by step. I pretty much need to be taught like a 5 year old. So, Ill make it easy on you all, too.

***NOTE: All pictures will be from an iPhone as I dont have android to show you what it looks like. I assume its pretty much the same***

This is the screen you get when you first open the app. (minus the pic in the left corner) You want to have your tv on whatever show you want to check into. Make sure you are a few feet away from the tv, so your phone has a chance to recognize it by the microphone. When you are ready to check into a show, you tap the icon in the middle of the screen.

At that point, youll see this screen. The wavy lines will mean that it is "listening" to whatever is on the tv. Try to keep all backround noises (such as talking, the air conditioner....) to a minimum.....

If this screen comes up, it means it hasn't properly registered the show. Tap the "Try Again" icon and make sure the volume is up on the tv and all other noise it quiet.

This screen will appear when it is trying to match what its "hearing" to a show. Give it a second to register.

If the device still can't understand what you are trying to check into, you will be given the option to manually check in. When you start to type the show name you are watching, it will bring up a list of shows that are currently on tv at that moment. Tap the show you are watching and TA-DA! Youre in.

Once the device recognizes the show you are watching, you will get this screen. (I checked into The Killing) MAKE SURE you tap the pink "Confirm Check-In" icon at the top right of the screen. If you do not do this, you will not be checked into the show and you will not get the points.

YAY!!! At this point you have probably checked into your first show!

Now, wouldnt it be great to get some additional points while your show is on? Read on, grasshoppers..... Ive got you covered.

At the bottom of the screen, there are 3 icons. "What's On", "Check In", and "Rewards". When you tap the "Whats On" on the bottom left, you will see the featured shows. These shows, when you check in to them, will give you bonus points. For example, Conan here in all his sexiness, will give you 100 bonus points on top of whatever you would normally earn for the show.

If you tap that screen (poke him in the eye, he wont feel it), you will get this screen....

The white bar below the show ad is whatever bonus points you can get at anytime. These can range from 5 points to 100 points. (Occasionally youll get one for higher. Last night I got one for 125 points. When you tap that white bar, it will either give you a game to play, a poll or quiz to take, or an ad to watch. usually its the ad. Once you complete whatever it has you do (you will need to complete it in its entirety), you will get a pop up box that looks like this....

This is also the same box that will appear when the show you are checked into is over. Your points at this point should be added to your account and you can tap that pretty little x in the top right corner. (Note- After doing that on this picture, you can see there is a 30 point bonus waiting for you to tap!)

When you get the points for a show you were checked into, you can go back to the beginning screen by tapping the "Check In" icon on the bottom center of your screen.

Also note the "Rewards" icon on the bottom left. When you tap that, you will be taken to a screen resembling this one....

This is where you can cash in your points. You can see how much each reward is for, and what you can get. When you tap the reward you are interested in, it will give you more info. There is also a redeem icon to get your goods that you earned for basically doing nothing.

That there is the basics! Now, let me fill you in on a few tips Ive learned along the way......

  • You get 2 points for each minute you are checked into a show. If it is a featured show, you will get the 2 points per minute plus the bonus. 
  •  The longer the show you are checked into, the more points you will get. Featured shows usually start at 8 and end at 11. (There are exceptions) During the day, I try to catch up on shows from the previous night (Ill get to that) Or check into a news show I may have playing in the backround.
  • If you have a dvr - USE IT! I dvr all featured shows every night. I check into whatever I need to the night it is on, and I check into the rest the next day. Please note you cannot manually check into a show that is not on live.
  •  You do not need to be checked into an entire show to get the bonus points. You only need to be checked in to a show for 10 minutes to get the bonus points associated with it. For example, if I checked into Conan when he first came on at 11, at 11:10 I can check into another show and still get my 100 bonus points. Remember tho, you will not get the full 120 points associate with a 60 minute show. 
  • While browsing the "Whats On" featured shows you will occasionally come across some extra bonus point ads. You can watch these ads once. You cannot watch it twice hoping for more points unless you restart the app.
  • Keep a lookout for "Viggle Live" special events. These come across on the white bar like bonus points, but they will consist of questions about what you are watching for even more bonus points. 
  • You can only get 6,000 points for any given day. This includes any and all bonus points and check in points. Keep this in mind.

Thats all I have off the top of my head. Please comment with any questions you may have and enjoy! This app is amazing! 

Now go earn some points!!


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