Monday, January 16, 2012

10 Years? No Way!

This would be me not long after graduation. With Lenny Kravitz. (Sort of)

Check em out, blogging 2 days in a row! Wha--?!?

I wanted to blog about this before I got all fired up about the Great SAHM/WM Debate of 2012 post. So, anyways....

Facebook has informed me that my 10 year high school reunion is this year. (Well, Facebook itself didnt tell me, it was some old classmates.... ON facebook. Ok, you get it. Moving on...) I find it completely ridiculous that its been 10 years already. TEN YEARS. Woah.

In many ways I still feel like the awkward dork that I was then. Yet, I feel old. (Did I mention I had to google a slang word the other day?!?) Like.... really old. Ill be 29 this year. Thats almost 30. MmmHmm.

Directly following graduation I had originally planned to join the Air Force, travel the world, fall madly in love with a man in uniform and live happily ever after. Reality had a different route for me. I stayed in my hometown (17701, yessa!) a few years, moved to New Mexico, met my (now ex) husband, moved back to PA, then moved to Indiana, got married, then moved back to New Mexico, back to Indiana, got divorced, met Joe, moved to Indianapolis, had a baby, got married and became a stepmom.


Its kind of crazy to think about, all that's happened. I mean... you think so much happens in the 4 years you spend in high school and then you look back over the last 10 and those 4 years seemed like the blink of an eye. Does that make sense?

Anyway, that's coming up. Im going to try to make an effort to go. A lot of people I went to school with will be my lifelong friends. I havent seen some of them since graduation and I want to see what everyones been up to.

Oh, by the way.... Im still living happily ever after.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hot Button Topics - Stay at Home Moms vs Working Moms

Just adding this to have a cute pic... adorable, right?!

So while Joe was out with his dad last night and Delaney had fallen asleep, I decided to attempt to watch some of the shows piling up on our dvr. After scanning a few episodes of Rachael Ray I settled on watching some Anderson. (Because seriously... hes adorable!)

I was getting comfy in the La-Z-Boy with a cup of Sprite when I heard the headline "Are Stay at Home Moms Lazy?"

Ugh. This cannot end well.

I was annoyed that they cut the first 15 minutes off (We live right outside of Indianapolis and the Colts got a new GM or something I guess?) and when it came back there was a woman talking about how SAHMs (That means stay at home mom) are lazy, fat and set bad examples for their kids.

Ok... I may be slightly lazy at times, and I may be fat, but I do NOT set a bad example for my kids.

The episode goes on in a sort of Bulldog/Chihuahua type fight. The working moms basically bashing the SAHMs and the latter trying to defend their decision to stay home.

Ooooh Child. Is this bitch for real?

Now. Ive been a stay at home mom for almost 2 years. Ive had 2 short term jobs in the last few months. I would never put anyone down for the decision they choose. If you choose to be a stay at home, thats great. I see so many benefits in that and its something I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to do. If you decide to work, thats great, too! Its very rewarding to earn money and have daily interaction with adults.

Some people just arent made to stay at home. Its just not what they want to do. That doesnt mean that they love their kids any less. Some moms need to work to make ends meet. Some people choose to work from home to get the best of both worlds.

I have loved every second of staying home with my kids. Im happy. Growing up I always wanted to be the mom who stayed home and had dinner ready at the same time everyday, had a spotless home and still had time to socialize and have a part time career. The reality is- Im not that kind of mom. I get everything done that needs done. I like to have playdates and get OUT of the house. Working was hard, even tho my youngest is almost 2 and is just fine without me right by her side 24/7.

Where we are right now, I would say the perfect situation would be for my husband (who is much more comfortable working OUTside of the home) to work fulltime and for me to get a part time job when he would be home.

I think that works for US, not for everyone. For someone to go on a national television show and talk so harshly on a group of people like that... How dare they. They only made themselves look foolish.

So at the risk of having this turn ugly, I really want your opinion. I want to know what YOU think. Are you a SAHM or do you work outside the home? Are you happy? Would you change anything?

(If youre having problems commenting please check out this post.)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Here, There & Everywhere - A Very Scatterbrained Holiday

Hey- look! Its me! Have I been a crappy blogger lately or what?! With the holidays and all Ive been occupied in the mind! Speaking of holidays...

I hope you all made wonderful memories and had the happiest holiday ever (whatever one you celebrate). We were really looking forward to this Christmas, and it did not disappoint. We kept up some traditions and probably started some new ones. The girls had a great time opening their gifts from Santa and Joe and I loved every minute of watching them and sharing in their excitement! (Yes, Im aware of how soccer mom-y that sounded)

It's now been 2 weeks since Christmas day.... Our tree is still up and the living room still looks like this when Delaney gets into all her things! Luckily (?) we live in a small enough area that clean up is relatively quick.

Along with the Christmas came the new year. We spent it quietly and at home. As we ushered in the new year I was nursing a toothache, Delaney was moody and Joe was ready for bed most of the night. But- it ended up being a pretty good night (many ibuprofen later).

In saying good-bye to 2011 and hello to 2012, it also got me thinking.... This is the time of year everyone goes on and on about their resolutions and then inevitably break them within days. I would like to say I made the resolution NOT to make a resolution this year.. and then I saw myself in the bathroom mirror in the middle of the night. And so Ive decided to become healthy this year. I cant use the "I just had a baby"excuse anymore because my "baby" will be 2 in a few weeks. Its time to change my bad habits and become accountable for everything that goes into my mouth.

Besides, Ive done pretty well with trying to get out of my "Mom Look" (at  least make-up wise). This is just something else can prove to myself I can do.

So... this post has been about as scattered as my thoughts have been lately. Whatever. Y'all get the idea. Sooooo.... Ill try to get better at blogging, too. Because I cant keep all my loyal  readers waiting. HAHA!

Happy 2012, peeps!!!


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