Monday, September 17, 2012

Ain't Too Proud to Beg (Please vote!)

Click the pic to vote for Delaney!!

So, I think my kids are cute. Because they are. And every now and then I enter then in a little contest. Because..... shoot, because I can! And right now Gerber is having their Gerber Generation Photo Search right now. Delaney is in the running in the Preschool Category.

Now... I'm not too proud to blog on here and beg for votes. Mainly because my kid is flipping adorable and the prizes are  all money for college. And I'm thinking my kid needs to be something super successful. :)

If you have a kid/friend/neighbor/random person you are already voting for, please know you can vote for more than one entry a day as long as they are in different milestones. Delaney is in the preschool category, but my good pal Leannes cutie is in the Birth+ category. So, we can vote for each others kiddos while still voting for our own.

Click the pic to vote for Lily!

So I leave you with this.... a vote for Delaney is a vote for a better world. Bless you and bless the world. Good night!


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