Tuesday, October 11, 2011

How to Comment on This Here Little Bloggy Thingy

Its no secret... I LOOOOOVE feedback. I love comments, I love emails. I love it all.

Some of you have told me youre having trouble commenting and its not letting you post. There are a few "rules" I guess you could say to posting. Ill point them outwith links that will make it easier for you to comment.

The first way to comment is by having a google account.I say the easiest way is to get a gmail address, you can use that for anything and it connects you to the whole Google universe! You can get a gmail account by clicking Here.

Another way is by having a livejournal, which is like an online diary. I love sites like this. You can get one by clicking Here.

You can also have a woodpress blog account. Looking back it may have been easier for me to have this blog on wordpress, making it easier for a lot of things. I may at some point convert this blog to wordpress, but for right now Im happy here at Blogger. :) You can get a wordpress blog by clicking Here.

Another way is by having a typepad blog. Im not too familiar with them, but you can learn more by clicking Here.

If you have an AIM account that will also make you able to comment. AIM is a messenger service that some people use. If youre interested you can find out more by clicking Here.

Almost done, I promise!!!

The final way seems pretty cool, if I must be honest. Its called OpenID and it looks like you use one sign in for many sites. Ill have to make myself familiar with it, but you can sign up by clicking Here.

I hope that helps. Personally- I would say gmail is the best way to go... but thats just me. Im sorry youre basically forced to sign up for another account just to comment, but comments are fun! And lets face it, peer pressure is real. And all the cool kids comment. Just sayin......


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