Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Delaney!

Exactly 2 years ago from this very moment I was strapped to a hospital bed, weeping from the most amazing joy while my OB was putting my uterus back in my body... My daughter was being cleaned up and I was still in awe. The moment I was waiting for, what I had waited so long for was finally happening.

Minutes Old....

Delaney in a word is sassy. She knows what she wants and shes not afraid to go for it. She loves to sing, dance and watch Spongebob. She is a girly girl and loves her jewelry and clothes.

Delaney on her first Birthday

Delaney is very sensitive and usually cries when she is being scolded for doing something not nice. Yet she always reminds other kids to "Be Nice!" Her vocabulary is growing everyday and she is polite while always saying "please and "thank you"

Delaney on her 2nd birthday (same shirt!)

I can honestly say that my life truly started 2 years ago. My life has more meaning than it ever has and my faith in everything was fulfilled. I understood the truest form of love you could ever imagine and I thank the highest power every single day for making my dream come true and giving me my daughter.

You are my everything. I wish you happiness, health and love. May all your dreams come true and you live happily ever after. I love you with all my being and its an honor to be your mom.
Love, Mama


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