Monday, February 27, 2012

Artsy-Fartsy Me

First off, I have a confession. Ive been sitting here for the last hour trying to get started on this post and before I knew it, I had successfully pinned 30+ pins on my pinterest board. It sucks me in and by the time I rip myself away I feel like Im freaking Martha Stewart and able to make anything my creative ass can imagine.

In reality I feel like my creative juices have stopped flowing long ago.

I used to love to write. And take photos. And design. And paint. And sometime in the last few years I lost that. I imagine it was after I first got married and felt I had to devote all of myself to being the perfect wife, taking care of any and every need my husband had. I became so devoted to everything BUT myself and became someone I didnt recognize.

I havent created anything worth sharing (creative-wise) in sometime now. I miss it. Im in a place now where Im much happier and more secure than before.

Its time to find "me" again. Stay tuned.


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