Monday, January 16, 2012

10 Years? No Way!

This would be me not long after graduation. With Lenny Kravitz. (Sort of)

Check em out, blogging 2 days in a row! Wha--?!?

I wanted to blog about this before I got all fired up about the Great SAHM/WM Debate of 2012 post. So, anyways....

Facebook has informed me that my 10 year high school reunion is this year. (Well, Facebook itself didnt tell me, it was some old classmates.... ON facebook. Ok, you get it. Moving on...) I find it completely ridiculous that its been 10 years already. TEN YEARS. Woah.

In many ways I still feel like the awkward dork that I was then. Yet, I feel old. (Did I mention I had to google a slang word the other day?!?) Like.... really old. Ill be 29 this year. Thats almost 30. MmmHmm.

Directly following graduation I had originally planned to join the Air Force, travel the world, fall madly in love with a man in uniform and live happily ever after. Reality had a different route for me. I stayed in my hometown (17701, yessa!) a few years, moved to New Mexico, met my (now ex) husband, moved back to PA, then moved to Indiana, got married, then moved back to New Mexico, back to Indiana, got divorced, met Joe, moved to Indianapolis, had a baby, got married and became a stepmom.


Its kind of crazy to think about, all that's happened. I mean... you think so much happens in the 4 years you spend in high school and then you look back over the last 10 and those 4 years seemed like the blink of an eye. Does that make sense?

Anyway, that's coming up. Im going to try to make an effort to go. A lot of people I went to school with will be my lifelong friends. I havent seen some of them since graduation and I want to see what everyones been up to.

Oh, by the way.... Im still living happily ever after.



Ellie said...

Well sweetie, I can't wait to see you....and I will just OH my, you've been busy these past 10 years!!!! LOL

Laurel said...

My 10 year is coming up this summer.. cant believe it.. so many things have happened! P.S. I've "known" you pretty much that whole time too!!!

Tabitha said...

Ellie- I cant wait to see you, too!! Its been a crazy 10 years, but Im finally ready to settle down!!

Laurel- You totally have known me that long!! We should have a "reunion" of our own!! Have fun at your hs reunion, too!

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