Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi! How are y- Oh look, a yellow sponge!

My child loves Spongebob. Like.... she LOOOOOOOOVES him. I have that show on the tv almost every day. Spongebob is part of our bedtime routine. (2 books and an episode of Sir Spongy puts this kid out like a light.) There are occasions where I leave the tv on Nickelodeon for hours at a time as background noise. Little do I know this show takes up the majority of the afternoon/evening lineup.

A study done by Journal of Pediatrics this past Monday hints that Spongebob Squarepants may cause short term learning and attention issues. They say even watching for 9 minutes can have negative effects.


Ok. This show has been around since 1999. Millions and millions of kids have watched and probably been as addicted as my (almost) 18 month old is now. This is just my opinion.... but ADD and ADHD are being diagnosed left and right these days. Does anyone else find it odd? Where were all of these disorders when my generation was little?

Spongebob is a show that has been insanely popular for more than a decade. The sales of Adderall and Dexedrine (drugs used to treat ADD and ADHD) has risen 2000% in the last 9 years. TWO THOUSAND PERCENT!! Thats ridiculous!!

Anyway... my opinion is people continue to spurt out drugs and blame the poor yellow sponge. Leave Sir Squarepants alone.



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