Thursday, September 15, 2011

Who Doesn't Love a Good Deal? *Updated With new Info*

***UPDATE*** I wanted to also add a quick bit of important info here. I stumbled across an amazing page on facebook a while back that I have to share with you. CouponsToTroops is a program that matches families with military families. The military can use coupons that are expired up to 6 months. How cool is that?!? I was matched with an awesome family and Ive been clipping every coupon I come across to send to them. Please check out their page and offer to help. They have families waiting to to be matched up that could use your help!

I come from a family of 5 kids. Growing up my family was poor. We
shared mattress' and sometimes food stamps didn't cover food costs for
us. One thing that helped my mom  provide for us was coupons.

As I got older (and prior to becoming a mother myself) I was fortunate
enough to afford things fairly easily.  It's not as hard providing for
just yourself.

And now here I am, a mother of 2. As a stay at home mom this is the
longest I've ever gone without working outside of the home. My way of
contributing now is by saving. We save money on childcare for both
kids and I happily clip coupons now! My awesome (soon to be) mother in
law brings me inserts weekly and when I see them in my mailbox I get
the biggest smile... :)

If you are on my personal Facebook I've written notes and updates on
how I try to save. Let's face it, whether you make 20K or 100K a year,
EVERYONE likes a good deal. I'm going to share the little knowledge I
have with you now. Hope it helps!

Since typing this I have just a few more things to add. If you have a printer you can visit some coupon sites and print out some pretty rad savings. Some stores don't accept internet coupons, so always check before checking out.

(The following text is the note I wrote on my Facebook a few weeks
ago. It explains a few tips that help me. I'm sure there are typos... youll have to overlook them as Im too lazy to fix them right now.)

What the Dilly, Yo? **Deals, Deals, Deals**

by Tabitha on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 10:38pm
So- I like a good deal. Im what some would call "thrifty"...... Ok, Im cheap. Cheaper than Mr Krabs on Spongebob probably. But it feels good to save a dollar. Especially this day in age where the prices of everything is going up.

Anyway, Ive found a few sites and pages that have helped me save. I wanna share the little knowledge I have with you. Its not much, but its something. Now- I share. :)

I LOOOOOOOOVE me some Amazon!!!!! They have more deals than youd think. Let me give you an exaple..... I signed up for Amazon Mom ( )

I needed diapers the other day. Like, I was looooooooow. Maybe had 10 left. I knew you could buy in bulk on here, so I checked it out. I looked at all diapers and the best deal I found was on Luvs. Delaney is a size 5 now, so I typed in "Luvs size 5". This is what it had for prices.....

"Buy new: $44.58 $37.99 ($0.23/count)
Subscribe & Save: $32.29 ($0.19/count)

2 new from $34.49"

When I clicked the lowest price it took me to the product page. On the right side of the screen in a yellow box it says "One time delivery: $37.99
Subscribe and Save: Save 30% $26.59 ($0.16/count)"

I chose "Subscribe and Save", clicked the subscribe button and added it to my cart. Before payment I had to confirm the subscription you can choose whether you want it occuring every 1, 3 or 6 months. I chose 3 in case I forgot about it.

Heres the beauty of it.... you can cancel your subscription with no penalty! So after my order shipped, I canceled the subscription Under "my account" and ta-da!!! I got 168 diapers for $26.59 with free shipping!!! To give you an idea the same item at is $39.97.

Theres also some sites that I got to that will give me heads up on whats on sale and when theres some good freebies. Heres the links.....

And dont forget about craigslist. THEY always have great stuff. Just make sure to do it safely..... ( This is the Indy CL link)

Then theres Groupon. Ive gotten a few things thru them and its legit and at least a 50% savings.The main link will ask for your city. Keep in mind they also have national deals, too.

And lastly, heres a few of the pages I liked here on fb. Its probably where I find most of the deals I use.

I know theres more, but this is all I could think of offhand. I know there are some typos, but keep in mind Im used to typing on my iphone and I also have Delaney whining in my ear. I think its time for bed. Hope this helped you guys!!! Ill add more as I remember or come across some. :)


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