Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We are moments away from heading to the doctors office for Delaneys well child check up. This visit comes with shots......

While I could probably end this post there, I feel compelled to brag about the fact that my kid is more resilient than any other child I have ever seen. Ever.

She was born healthy and happy on a beautiful Wednesday night in March. By the time she left the hospital she had a diaper rash, a cold and jaundice. Her poor little booty was red and bleeding at times. She didn't cry much at all. When we had to take her to the hospital for days after we were released to check her jaundice levels, every time she was pricked with a needle she never cried. She even slept thru one visit!

Since then she has gotten shots at every well child check up (on a delayed schedule, but thats another post). She tends to cry as soon as the needle comes out for an average of 30 seconds. My favorite part is when the nurse that gives the shot hightails it out of there before the child realizes she was the one who did it. And why do I always thank her for poking my kid?

I expect this visit to be no different than any other. I can handle it, but with the anxiety I get before visits like this you would think I was the one getting the shots!

To all of you who have wee ones, how do you handle shot visits? How do they do?


Angie said...

I just took Hailey to the dr for Jimmy and Mich-I talked to her beforehand and she said "ouch" and that was it. =) Reverse psychology teehee. It's the best! (Angie)

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