Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tabitha: Queen of Procrastinators

18 Days. That's how long before Ill be legally married to that man right up there.It's funny because if you asked me just a year ago I would tell you that there was no way in hell I would ever get married again.

Yeah, you heard me right. "Again". I married for the first time on November 26, 2004. Its was 10 days after my 21st birthday. I was convinced I was in love with this boy. I moved from my home state of Pennsylvania (Williamsport, yay!) to northern Indiana to be with him. Out of respect for all parties involved, I wont air our dirty laundry online for everyone to see. What I will say is that we were both young and didnt know what was right for us. We didnt know each other and rushed into something we never should have.

My first wedding was thrown together easily. Before I even met my ex husband, I had attended a bridal expo and won the grand prize - a wedding reception in the nicest hotel in town. They did everything for me and all I had to do was bring a cake and tell them what food to serve. The best part of the whole night was having my Uncle perform the ceremony. That meant more to me than anything. It was beautiful and although my wedding to my ex is no more, Ill always have that beautiful ceremony.

Now.... this time around...

Im getting married in less than 3 weeks. I dont have much done. I like to say I "work well under pressure", but I think its more like Im "a procrastinator who doesnt know when to start things". Maybe I think it will magically throw itself together, I dont know. I had a brief vision at the beginning of the planning process of a beautiful Old Hollywood Glamour theme, that I thought I could pull off with my tiny budget. Everything slowly got condensed until we reached a solution that worked for us.

We're having a small courthouse "ceremony" and a bigger reception at a park. It should be easier to plan that way... or I hope anyway! I was a little disappointed at first... I wanted a ceremony and vows and whatever.... BUT I really feel like what were doing is the way that suits us, which is most important.Plus- at the end of the day we will be just as married as a couple who went all out on their special day.

So, Im kind of the opposite of a stressed out bride. Im more of a .... "pull it together at the last minute and hope it turns out ok" kind of bride.

And Im ok with that. :)


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