Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Moms Confession...

BAM. There you go. Tat is Miss Tabitha in all her glory. Au naturel, if you will. No make up. No coverup. No shaped brows. No retouching (bc Im not smart enough to learn how to use any retouching tools on here).... it's just me.

And while Im pretty ok with my "natural self" most of the time, I feel like Ive taken a turn to the "Mom Look". Dont take any disrespect, fellow moms, I only mean that I am much more likely to leave the house looking like this (or worse) these days then pre-baby.

When I was younger I loved getting dressed up and playing around with make-up. Nowadays when I leave the house I TRY to put on cover up and bronzer. Thats it. And I rarely use a mirror. Im beginning to believe Ive gotten too comfortable in my "lax" look.

Im ready to feel pretty again and actually give a crap about what I look like. When getting ready to leave the house at any given time, as Im getting dressed and throwing some gel in my hair, Im also brushing my teeth and helping Delaney brush hers, while also choosing her outfit and combing her hair. Its unreal how much one human can do at once!

Youve seen what I look like now.... this is what I looked like 3 years ago, in Oct of 2008 (8 months before getting pregnant) - Dont make fun of my fake modeling- I could totally rock it back then!!!

Now...... time to make some changes. Any other moms feel like theyve gotten too comfortable in the "mom look" and ready to go back to the look theyve had before??? I cant be alone here!


Keiria C said...

Oh my gosh girl ... I have had my mom look for 13 years now and yes I'm DONE .. When I look in the mirror, I don't even recognize myself !! It's really sad. I wonder how in the world my husband still loves the person I have become. Scary !!! I am going through the motions daily and it just gets worse !! My plan of action is ... Hopefully, by the end of the year, I will go under the knife for gastric bypass and that will get my body to where it was before and I am assuming that the rest of me will follow !!!

Veronica Lee said...

Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!

Have a nice day!

Tabitha said...

Keiria- Im so sorry I havent replied to this sooner! Things have been crazy here and Im lucky to post at all.
Im sure you look great now (I dont think Ive ever seen you!, but I completely understand where youre coming from. I hope you get to the point where youre comfortable. Its not easy, and I know we live in a society where you have to look a certain way.... Just know that youre beautiful no matter what. And to do anything to alter that is for YOU and you alone,nobody else.
I wish you all the best!

Tabitha said...

Veronia- Thanks for stopping by! I hope you stick around a while!

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